River of Fire


River of Fire is inspired by the power of volcanoes. Fire, of course, is one of the oldest symbols know to man. Fire ignites minds and inspires the spirit. Fire burns the dross of the old and impure. Fire ceremonies have been part of man’s religious practice since time immemorial. Fire brings both life and death, and is to be respected and honored. Fire is one of the primary elements in many philosophies that describe the transfiguring cycles of life. When fire is balanced by depth and steadfastness (the cool, steady blue), its power can be harnessed for personal and universal transformation. See Kathleen Karlsen Art on Facebook.

The fire element can be used in interior environments to activate the energy in rooms or buildings that might otherwise feel empty or cold. Many modern environments with neutral colors or lots of marble, steel or glass can benefit from powerful fire images. Fire images are recommended for living rooms or reception areas or places where people gather to talk and interact. They would be less suitable for kitchens (which already inherently possess this element) or for bedrooms where calm and peace is more ideal.

The use of fire is intimately tied to man’s evolution and symbolizes the continuity of progress and civilization. The eternal flame is a common theme in both secular and religious traditions. As long as the flame burns, hope continues. Fire worship is closely tied to sun worship. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, fire appears as a burning bush or a pillar of fire or in the flames of the Menorah. 

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