Painting with the Angels

Beyond-the-StarsI have developed the practice of praying to the angels before I start a painting. My intention with my art is to create something that brings inspiration and healing to others. I figure that angels have a different perspective, so I welcome their help. It’s not that I feel like they are painting through me as in channeling, but we are partners in the effort.

For my side, I’ve got years of education in the arts and untold hours of practice. I understand how paint works and how fast it dries and what is needed on the practical level. At the same time, I am trying to depict energy and realities that are not strictly in the physical. Since angels are non-physical beings, I figure that is more their realm of expertise. So we blend the physical and spiritual and see what happens.

When one of my sons was recovering from a severe concussion, it was a comfort to read books to him about angels. I was amazed how many accounts included angels coming into the physical world to protect people and help them. Apparently the veil between dimensions is very, very thin.

Universal-FireAnd I think of the fluidity of the physical and spiritual dimensions in another way as well: who knows but many of us are embodied angels and maybe there are angels who were once men. I don’t think the boundaries are either strict or permanent. And maybe we can see into their realm or feel into their realms more than we realize.

I have grown to prefer abstract art because it feels like a window into another place rather than a reflection of the place where we find ourselves now. I want to create windows into beautiful, colorful places. Some artists have the goal of asking people to look more closely at the world around them–to see the details and subtle changes in light or form. That is a valuable service and calling. My calling is to create paintings that allow the viewer to go beyond the physical world into something normally unseen.

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