Over the Edge



Over the Edge is a small abstract that evokes the feeling for me of going new places and exploring new realms. Sometimes that feels like going over the edge! Every now and then I like to paint a series of small paintings to see if I can concentrate a big feeling in a small space.

When my husband was in film school, he knew a student who wanted to focus on making commercials. Everyone else wanted to direct feature films and full-length documentaries. That particular student said he wanted to make commercials because it was a chance to tell an entire story in 30 seconds. It’s a different challenge. Maybe in some ways it’s a harder challenge.

And it’s fun to paint for someone who may be trying to decorate in a small space. Maybe a piece of art can help them to get a sense of expansiveness in an apartment or condo. Or maybe they want something in an office or meditation room that is highly focused. Small can be beautiful!

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