Creating on the Edge

process of creationThe process of creation makes me feel ALIVE! That is one of my top values. There is nothing as amazing as the process of creation–a child, a home, a relationship or a piece of art.

I love to work in a flowing style with highly liquid paint because this increases the number of variables and therefore the level of excitement and creative chaos in my experiments. This keeps me on the edge.

When I am working with highly liquid paint, the artistic decisions that I am forced to make quickly over the space of days or weeks as a painting develops will never happen again. The conditions and the results achieved in a particular painting are absolutely and utterly unique. That experience, that experiment, will never be repeated. Art can be reproduced but never re-created.

If I wanted a rational approach, I would formulate a precise way to mix paint. I would measure the proportions of paint and water to consistently yield desired viscosity. I would time the drying process meticulously. I would layer paint methodically and control the room temperature carefully.

But I am an artist. I need risk. I need surprises. I need fear and jubilation. I need to be on the edge. I need to be totally absorbed in a piece of art. I need to think of a painting morning, noon and night. I need to set my alarm and get up in the middle of the night to tilt a canvas ever so slightly to get the paint to flow in a new direction or blend in a different way. When I am engaged at that level, I am ALIVE.

painting and creation

The precise conditions and the exact results achieved in a particular painting can never happen again. That experience, that experiment, will never be repeated. Art can be reproduced but never re-created. This is not a competitive sport! I cannot paint like anyone else and no one else can paint the paintings that I create.

My deepest desire is that the intensity of the process of creation will be captured on the canvas and will in turn energize someone else’s life as it hangs in their room, home or business. I want to convey the feeling of aliveness. For me, that is the ultimate goal of the creative experiment: not just to communicate in a visual format  but to convey viscerally the energy of hope, joy and transformation.

process of creating a painting

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