Color Therapy

color music therapyColor therapy is the use of specific colors to heal the mind and body. There are many systems that suggest particular colors as supportive for the functioning of processes and organs within the human body. These include color acupuncture (shining colored lights on acupuncture points and meridians), color breathing (color visualization combined with breathing exercises), color bathing and many other approaches.

Color has a wide range of applications in interior design, clothing, artwork, and the wider environment. Color psychology and color science have come to the fore in philosophies such as feng shui and in the competitive world of marketing and design. The modern science of color was largely influenced by the work of the French chemist and scientist M. E. Chevreul. Read more in the post Color Perception and Harmony.

My own research has been focused on the connections between color and sound in visual music and multimedia art. This was the topic of my master’s thesis at California State University. Throughout history, the potential correspondence between color and sound has received repeated attention from prominent philosophers, artists, musicians and scientists. Similarities between color and sound were clearly noted by the ancient Greeks.

A number of classical and modern composers have believed in a direct correlation between notes of the musical scale and colors. Liszt described his dramatic intentions for his music with decorative phrases: “More pink here;” “This is too black;” “I want it all azure”. Beethoven is reported to have referred to B minor as the black key.

color harmonyLearn more about the role of multimedia art in healing in the blog post Auroratone Therapeutic Films. On the downside, there can also be powerful negative effects on the brain of color-sound combinations. Read about multimedia-induced epilepsy in the blog post entitled Pokeman Shock.

Colors can also be used in conjunction with other forms of alternative healing such as essential oils, massage, crystal bowls, and tuning forks. Meditating on mandalas or other forms of art is also a type of color therapy as well as a spiritual practice. I have personally had experience and success with color breathing, color visualization and the healing power of mediating on beautiful artwork.

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