Angel Wing


When one of my sons was recovering from a serious injury and related PTSD, I read stories of angels to him on a nightly basis. I bought every book available on Amazon that included angels, especially stories of angelic intervention in modern times. This was a great comfort for both of us.

My favorite was the story of a grandfather on his deathbed who suddenly sat up and announced, “I have to go! I have to be someone’s guardian angel!” Days later his family had gathered to be present at his funeral. In a freak accident, his great-granddaughter fell out of a third story window onto a cement porch below.

She was rushed to the hospital and examined for hours. The only wounds found were abrasions under both of her arms. When asked about the fall, she insisted, “Grandpappy caught me!” So he had saved his great-granddaughter’s life even before he was in his grave!

I grew up with an awareness of angels in the Catholic church. My mother is devoted to angels to the extent that she decorated her Christmas tree exclusively with angels one or more years. If it is true that angels take embodiment at times for a lifetime or more, she is surely one of them!

There are angels for just about every conceivable situation: angels attend birth, angels guide us after death to the heavenly realms, and they appear to protect in dangerous situations. Angels can also comfort and heal and inspire. Some traditions claim there are specific angels for Christmas or other religious holidays.

This painting is a luminescent representation of a single angel wing. Artistic renditions of angels may depict the wings as shafts of light rather than bird-like feathers. Some angels are considered to be reflections of God’s light and love. Others exude the light of God from within. This angle wing is in the second category. I like the idea that God is within every aspect of His creation and shines from within each form in the material universe.

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