Campfire Kirtan Initiation

campfire kirtan

For over a year now I’ve had this idealized vision of having campfire kirtan with friends. The idea of singing bhajans and chants in front of a campfire out in nature with the summer sun setting on the horizon has been a tantalizing daydream. In my imagination, the sounds of birds and crickets would blend seamlessly with the droning chords of the harmonium and the soothing strum of a guitar while we poured out our hearts in gratitude to the Source of all life. Wow! My opportunity for this blissful experience came last weekend. We had had several friends over … Continue reading

Plant Symbolism


Plant symbolism is a facet of nearly every ancient civilization. For example, the lotus, a symbol of irrepressible fertility, is revered in both Egyptian and Oriental cultures. The onion was not only a favorite food and medicinal plant of the Egyptians, but also out pictured their belief in the universe’s multi-layered structure. The remarkable Egyptian pharmacy included some of today’s most renowned herbs: myrrh, aloe, peppermint, garlic and castor oil. In the mythology of the ancient Greeks, the twelve primary gods each had favorite plants. These plants, living connections to the realms above, were used as symbols of the gods … Continue reading