Spiritual Merging: Non-Physical Sex

I watched a remarkable science fiction show some time back–I think it may have been an old Star Trek episode, but I am not sure. At any rate, the starship had picked up some aliens who appeared to be human and was taking them back to their home planet. While they were en route, one of the men on the crew of the ship fell in love with one of the alien women. She had to protect her identity and could not reveal to him that she was actually not human. When they arrived at her home planet, the man who … Continue reading

Perpetually in Love


We seem to have the idea in our society that some day we are going to meet someone who is going to fulfill all our needs and dreams. Pop songs and ballads are full of these sentiments. If we really believe this, then when we inevitably discover that our partner is not fulfilling all of our needs, we think that we must not be with the right person. Perhaps this is connected to the extremely high divorce rate. Then the next person does not fulfill all of our needs, either, and the cycle goes on. I know this sounds terribly unromantic, … Continue reading