This Digital Life

There are some significant merits to the idea that life is all a video game. It does make sense in many ways and alleviates some of the angst of life. It helps to have the perspective that none of this is real. Maybe it’s just a dream that God has set up so that we can explore life and learn without lasting harm. If people think that God would REALLY set up a situation where people starve to death and there would be endless wars and abandoned children and diseases and all that, then no wonder they hate Him! If it’s just a … Continue reading

Auroratone Therapeutic Films


In the 1940s, a British filmmaker named Cecil Stokes created a series of therapeutic films that were used in psychiatric hospitals. At the time, there was an influx of soldiers from WWII who were suffering from a variety of mental disorders. Some had PTSD, others were suicidal, and others were unable to adjust to life with the disabilities they suffered from as a result of the war. Motion film itself was relatively new and had a big impact on the viewer. Apparently there was originally a set of at least four Auroratone Films. These particular films consisted of shifting, abstract … Continue reading

Pokemon Shock

Pokemon Shock Syndrome

On December 16, 1997, an episode of Pokemon was broadcast in Japan and watched by an estimated four million children. The impact of the cartoon sent almost 700 kids to the emergency room. This demonstrated, albeit unintentionally, the powerful effects on the brain of certain sequences of color and sound. The episode was called Electric Soldier Porygon. What resulted was called Pokemon Shock. In this particular episode, Ash and his his friends travel inside a broken Pokemon transmitter machine and try to fix it. About twenty minutes into the program, Pikachu uses his lightening attack to blow up some virtual missiles. … Continue reading