Thyroid, Chanting and Mantras

When I first began chanting, I had been on thyroid medication for over twenty years. The thyroid is the largest organ associated directly with the throat. The women in my extended family have struggled with thyroid issues for generations. My genetics for this particular organ are probably not ideal. Why Choose Chanting? Chanting is a fantastic tool for creating a healthy, balanced thyroid because the vibrations of singing pass directly through the thyroid gland. According to esoteric teachings, the throat is the seat of power, a place where emotions, intentions, praise, and criticism are all expressed. Energetically speaking, the throat … Continue reading

Ready to Record an Album!

We are ready to record our first album! Participants include Kathleen Karlsen (vocals, harmonium),  Andrew Karlsen (vocals, udu drum), Paul Bohak (vocal, bass, guitar) and Mahima Giri (vocals, kartals). What is kirtan? Kirtan is a style of music focused on participatory chanting. Chanting produces a calorie-free, drug-free, full body buzz! Group singing changes the chemistry of the brain and dissipates feelings of isolation and depression.  Chanting is a form of meditation, a type of mantra yoga. No postures required. We emphasize singable chants from multiple traditions that are easy to learn, help to focus the mind, and foster a connection with others … Continue reading

Essential Oils for the Chakras


There are essential oils that are associated with each of the major chakras. These oils can be used for balancing and healing the chakras. Essential oils have an ancient history of use in religious rituals as well as for medicinal purposes. What I personally appreciate about essential oils is that they operate on many levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. They are volatile, meaning they evaporate easily. They also tie into the sense of smell, which is part of the limbic system. This is where memories and emotions are often stored in the brain. Although recommendations vary, the following essential oils are … Continue reading

Base Chakra: Safety and Security

base chakra

The base chakra or root chakra is known as the Muludhara. This is the chakra of safety and security. “Mula” means root and “adhara” means base or support. This chakra is at the base of the spine and establishes your connection to your physical body, the earth, and the environment. This is the survival center, symbolized by a lotus with four petals. The central square represents the earth. The base chakra is often associated with the color red, but in a higher form is the white energy of the Mother light. The petals represent the Sanskrit letters va (vuh), scha (schew), sha … Continue reading

Chakras and the Kundalini


Many mystics and yogis have written and taught about chakras and the rising of the kundalini. Bringing the energy to the crown of the head is the physical counterpart to achieving enlightenment. There are many approaches to awakening and raising the kundalini. A French physician and scientist, Dr. Francis Lefebure, even designed a device called a Gyrascope that would “awaken” the kundalini when used for about an hour a day. As the kundalini moves upward, the energy flows through seven major energy centers called chakras. There are seven major chakras, but there may be many more energy centers in the … Continue reading