This Painting Healed My Back

My back had been hurting for over a year. I had started doing yoga, but I didn’t remember injuring myself during yoga. I didn’t remember injuring myself at all. One day I just discovered that I had pain in my lower back every time I bent over. Little did I know that an abstract painting would be my cure. I ignored the pain as best I could. My back didn’t hurt all the time, but enough to limit my movement and exercise regime. I tried gentle stretching and gave myself some time to heal. Weeks went by. Then months. There … Continue reading

Workout Lingo

I think I’m starting to catch on to the workout lingo for weight lifting. I’ve learned about supersets (two or more exercises performed in a row without a break between them) and bench presses and back hack squats and lateral raises…. Sometimes the name of an exercise does a pretty good job describing the movement. These pics are a Concentration Curl. I think of this as a very physical moving meditation! … Continue reading

Boundless Health

I wasn’t super strong as a kid. In fact, I got sick a LOT. I wore special shoes because one foot turned out. When I was only three years old, I had drops put in my right eye every day to paralyze it and make the other eye work harder. That was the cure for having a “lazy” left eye. I stuttered a bit and had terrible allergies. I had pneumonia in grade school and five years of allergy shots. I was ill so often that my tonsils were removed in hopes that I’d get strep throat less often. As a … Continue reading

Face Yoga Challenge

I’ve just signed up for a 30 Day Face Yoga challenge with Fumiko Takatsu. I rarely sign up for that kind of stuff because. I’m usually motivated to create my own programs and schedules for everything: my work and exercise and my ongoing experiments with health food diets and meditation and all of the other things I am trying to pursue simultaneously. So I haven’t always felt that I needed someone else’s program or challenge to get me going. But something has changed. I’ve heard that you are either basically and introvert or an extrovert for life. I was clearly … Continue reading

Temple of Power

Two of my sons have recently gotten pretty serious about body building. One of them sent me a link for a website that they use to get workout ideas and instruction. There was an article written there by Chris Zaino. He’s a former Mr. America bodybuilder who is now a chiropractor and runs a clinic in Texas. In fact, it is one of the world’s largest and most successful chiropractic clinics. His philosophy is that our body is our temple and that we have a responsibility to God to take care of them. He also believes that it is God’s … Continue reading

The Body as Living Symbol

hip meaning

Most of us experience pain as either an acute situation (hopefully only as an occasional thing) or possibly as an ongoing, chronic condition. We often think that these things are just random events that happen to us. What if we look at pain symbolically and try to figure out the meaning or message? What if the body itself is a living symbol and we just need to understand and handle the hidden messages in pain and illness? I’ve been doing this for several years now and the process of recovery does seem to speed significantly if I look deeper into … Continue reading

Sports as a Spiritual Path

Philosophers and religious leaders have wrestled with the conundrum of the body versus the spirit for a long, long time. I personally grew up in a family that placed much more emphasis on areas of life other than physical prowess. We were in some sports as kids, but I was never encouraged to pursue sports as a main focus. It just wasn’t one of our top family values, which were mainly academic success and eventually achieving financial stability. In the one and only year that I ran track in high school, I was undefeated in the two mile run through … Continue reading

Crown of Life

I recently heard a talk on YouTube by John Byde about Hacking the Pineal. One of the more interesting things he noted in his discussion of politics, health and the history of consciousness was that wearing a crown would help to direct energy into the pineal gland and therefore help rulers to make appropriate decisions on behalf of their people. I had never thought about the purpose of a crown, or even that there was a purpose beyond some kind of fancy, expensive hat! Crowns have traditionally been made of metals that have a high degree of conducting power such … Continue reading

The Conscious Universe

Most people are “conscious” at least as far as their physical body extends. That can be debated, of course, as many people are quite unconscious of their own bodies, but for the sake of discussion I’ll accept that people can sense various areas and the perimeter of their bodies. We can think about our hearts and “feel” them in our bodies. Or we can think about our toes or about our necks or our stomach or whatever. Our attention is “traveling” within our physical bodies. If we start to recognize that our consciousness extends beyond our bodies into the whole … Continue reading

Spirituality and Biological Limitations

I recently watched a short video of an interview with Jason Silva, the host of National Geographic’s show Brain Games. In a discussion of merging mind and technology, Jason stated: “[W]hen we create a non-biological mind, a digital sentience, the whole point is that this mind wouldn’t be bound by the physical limitations that we have.” I disagree so strongly with this statement that I just have to offer another perspective. I don’t believe in physical limitations. I may still have them myself, but the fact that other individuals have been known to live without food, water or even breath for … Continue reading