harmonium music standHarmonium Music Stands: The harmonium is a fascinating acoustic instrument often used for eastern chanting. It could be described as part piano, part accordion and part organ! The power of this instrument is like a band in a box with a unique drone similar to a bagpipe.

One immediate issue I experienced with my harmonium was that there was no convenient place to set my music while playing. My husband Andrew created a custom stand for me. It’s all wood and stained to match the harmonium.

Other harmonium players immediately began to ask me where to find a stand like mine! So Andrew taught one of our sons to produce them and we are making them available to others.

harmonium music stand They sell for $39.95 including a carrying bag and require no assembly. This one fits all Bhava harmoniums. We are currently designing additional stands for other harmonium styles.

Contact for more information or to order your harmonium music stand!

harmonium stand with music