The following are selected examples of lectures and workshop topics that I have presented in recent years. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a presentation or workshop. 

Music: Mantras and Healing; Falling in Love with Kirtan; Mantras and Healing Stones; Goddess Chants; Chakra Chants; Bjia Mantras; Messages in Water; Music of the East

Health: The Science of Singing; The Science of Body Language; The World’s Oldest People; Understanding Empathy; Understanding Intuition; Emotional Intelligence; Creating Therapeutic Environments; Healing with the Five Elements; Body Meaning, Emotions and Essential Oils

Art: The Geometry of Sound; Flower Symbolism; The Art of Crop Circles; The Power of Emoticons; Ancient Sacred Sites; Understanding Dream Symbolism; The Power of a Personal Logo; Impressionism and User Design; Color Therapy, Sound Healing and Essential Oils 

Andrew and Kathleen HWA May 2018