IMG_3326I have been speaking in business settings, classrooms and public forums for several years on a wide array of topics. Some of these classes are educational, others are for team-building, and some are pure fun and entertainment! The presentations list below are selected examples of the topics I have presented recently.

Psychology and Health
Understanding Your Dreams (2017) 
Creating Therapeutic Environments (2016)
Five Element Aromatherapy (2015)
Color Therapy and Essential Oils (2015)
Essential Oils and Body Meaning (2015)
Remote Communication (2015)

Extraordinary Businesses
The Sentient Organization (2016)
Compassionate Leadership (2016)
The Power of Customer Emotions (2016)
Understanding Empathy (2016) 
Working with Distributed Teams (2015)

Art, Culture and Technology
The World’s Best Print Ads (2017)
Microscopic Wonders (2017)
Ancient Sacred Sites (2017)
Visions of the Universe (2017)
No Place Like Home: Amazing Houses (2017)
The World’s Strangest Fashions (2017)
Don’t Make Me Think: Online Design (2016)
Cognitive Computing (2016)
Digital Empathy (2016)
Only Humans Need Apply (2016)
Impressionism and User Design (2015)

On-the-Edge Education
The Power of Micro-Learning (2017)
Coolest Schools in the World (2017)
Accelerated Learning (2016)