The following are selected examples of speaking and workshop topics that I have presented in recent years. Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a presentation or workshop. 

Mantras and Healing (2018)
Mantras and Healing Stones (2018)
Goddess Chants (2018)
Chakra Chants (2018)
Bjia Mantras (2018)

Ancient Sacred Sites (2017)
The Power of a Personal Logo (2015)
Impressionism and User Design (2015)

Science and Health
Healing with the Five Elements (2015)
Color Therapy, Sound Healing and Essential Oils (2015)
Body Meaning, Emotions and Essential Oils (2015)

Understanding Dream Symbolism (2017) 
Creating Therapeutic Environments (2016)
The Sentient Organization (2016)

Andrew and Kathleen HWA May 2018