World Chant

World-Chant-LogoWorld Chant is a form of kirtan that includes sacred music from multiple spiritual traditions. We also incorporate sound healing and sound meditations. We are based in Bozeman, Montana and hold kirtan regularly for the local community. World Chant is non-denominational and open to all. Come sing, dance, play and relax with us!

We are always looking for new opportunities to share what we do in in yoga studios, meditation centers, festivals, and conferences. Invite us to come and play wherever you are! See current schedule on the Events page. We are also developing educational workshops related to chanting, toning, and sound healing. See Vocal Medicine™ for more information. 

My Journey to Chanting: My path to chanting began when I was a college student and was introduced to chanting at a spiritual conference. Shortly after that, I became involved in an organization that used a form of repeated, spoken prayers as their central spiritual practice. I spent two to five hours a day practicing this form of chanting for a decade.  

World Chant Kirtan Near Bozeman Montana

Andrew Karlsen, Kathleen Karlsen, Laura Kehoe, Chalice Ariel, Marius Michael-George

More recently, I was involved with a small group who met twice a week to sing songs and chants written by Yoganada for his American devotees. I fell in love with the magic and power of chanting! I realized that I wanted to go deeper into this art and experience all different types of devotional singing, chanting and kirtan. So I attended a conference on sound healing and another one related to musical leadership.

kirtan trainingThen I bought a harmonium and attended the Kirtan Leadership Institute in Boulder, Colorado for Level 1 and 2 training with Mike Cohen. It was wonderful to meet other kirtan leaders, chant together, and learn from Mike’s extensive experience. Definitely a transformative process!



Please see our new social media pages for info on all World Chant and Vocal Medicine events going forward!