Vocal Medicine

crown chakra and hairVocal Medicine™ encompasses sacred toning, chanting and an understanding of body meaning or symbolic anatomy. I use the term Body Script™ to refer to the use of physiognomy, oriental diagnosis, body language and somatic psychology to ascertain mental and emotional connections related to specific aspects of the physical body.

This understanding can be combined with specific tones and self-generated vocalizations to direct energy to specific areas of the body. The science of chanting has been explored for thousands of years in many cultures.

The Power of Vowels: Many cultures have forms of vocalizations that are wordless and focus on vowels. The sonic power of Sanskrit vowels demonstrates how this spiritual science may work: 

AH (A)assists with the health and strength of the lungs, energizes the mind, strengthens the muscles between the ribs, energizes the digestive system
EE (E)positive effect on the throat, connection to the brain, assists with alleviating anger/depression
EYE (I, AI)strengthens the vocal chords, supports the health of the kidneys and urinary tract
OW (AU): strengthens the functioning of the reproductive system
UH (U): supports heart health and the pumping of the blood

sacred toning the names of GodSacred Toning: Sacred toning is a distinct practice from other forms of sound healing that use the human voice. Many types of sound healing emphasize emotional expression that releases pent up energy and feelings from the body, thus resulting in lower stress levels.

Sacred toning consists of either chanting of the names of God or just the components of those names such as vowels or single syllable combinations of consonants and vowels. Each sound resonates in a different part of the human body, using the body as an instrument for self-healing or for healing others. Sacred toning is very close to sacred mantras.

Chanting-Among-RocksVocal Medicine™: Vocal medicine can be either melodic or straightforward tones at different pitches. There is a science to the sounds themselves as well as the ideas and supplications embedded in the chants of east and west. Additionally, tone sequences and chants can be created for supporting the health of various body systems or organs. 

Sound is the power of creation. In that sense, it should always be respected as sacred. The root of the word “enchanted” means not only to delight or charm but also to bewitch or beguile.

Vocal Medicine is a term that reminds us that the power of sound should always be used to bless and heal rather than to control another part of life.


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