The Positive Effects of Chanting

The effects of chanting can be a positive influence on the body and mind. When vowels and consonants are put together, chanting emphasizing certain sounds can be constructed to have unique effects on the singer. Mantras that may actually be formulated to influence various body systems. For example, the combination “aha” (A HA!) stimulates the hormonal system to improve the functioning of the body. Interestingly, this ejaculation is used in English when a sudden solution or insight is gained: Indeed! I got it! Certainly! Definitely! That’s it!

kirtan chantingThe effect of using “a ha!” is similar to laughter therapy and relieves stress and depression. The Sanskrit word “namaha” has this vowel combination and is commonly used in many mantras and chants. The names of gods and goddesses themselves seem to have distinct impacts on emotional, mental and physical states. Divine names such as Lakshmi also include the “ah” vowel. The power of the mantra is in the names of God as well as the actual tones and melodies.

The power of music to uplift and heal has been recognized for thousands of years. Now science is proving through research into music therapy, cymatics, and neurology that sound can alleviate depression and create positive change in all aspects of the physical world. My focus is on the use of the human voice in devotional chanting as a spiritual practice and the impact of sacred toning on human health and wellness. This is a fascinating science that gives each individual the power to positively influence their own health on all levels at any time.

The throat chakra is generally viewed as the seat of power in the human body. Chanting, singing, and vocalizing all harness this power for greater wholeness and well-being. Chanting is like an internal massage that operates on both the physical and energetics aspects of the individual. Chanting is an internal sound bath!

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