World-Chant-LogoWorld Chant includes sacred music from multiple spiritual traditions either sung as kirtan or as a sing-a-long. Kirtan is a traditional call and response style of singing used in many religious traditions. 

We also incorporate sound healing and sound meditations. We are based in Bozeman, Montana and hold chanting events regularly in the local community. World Chant is non-denominational and open to all. Come sing, dance, play and relax with us!

We are always looking for new opportunities to share what we do in in yoga studios, meditation centers, festivals, and conferences. Invite us to come and play wherever you are! See more information on the World Chant page and our current schedule on the Events page.

crown chakra and hairI am also developing educational workshops related to chanting, toning, and sound healing. Vocal Medicine™ encompasses sacred toning, chanting and an understanding of body meaning or symbolic anatomy.

I use the term Body Script™ to refer to the use of physiognomy, oriental diagnosis, body language and somatic psychology to ascertain mental and emotional connections related to specific aspects of the physical body.

This understanding can be combined with specific tones and self-generated vocalizations to direct energy to specific areas of the body. The science of chanting has been explored for thousands of years in many cultures. See Vocal Medicine for more information. 


Please see our new social media pages for info on all World Chant and Vocal Medicine events going forward!