My path to chanting and kirtan began when I was a college student and attended a spiritual conference. Shortly after that, I became involved in an organization that used a form of spoken chants as their central spiritual practice. I spent two to five hours a day practicing for a decade.  

More recently, I was involved with a small group who met twice a week for kirtan to sing songs and chants written by Yoganada for his American devotees. I realized that I wanted to go deeper into this art and experience all different types of devotional singing, chanting and kirtan.

I bought a harmonium and attended the Kirtan Leadership Institute in Boulder, Colorado for Level 1 and 2 training with Mike Cohen. It was fantastic to meet other kirtan leaders, chant together, and learn from Mike’s extensive experience. Definitely a transformative process!

Now I’m thrilled to be playing regular kirtan events with my band, Shakti Bliss, and to be holding workshops on many topics related to healing and the power of sound. See my Facebook page and MeetUp group for currently scheduled events. 

 Kirtan with Shakti Bliss