Thyroid, Chanting and Mantras

Kathleen KarlsenWhen I first began chanting, I had been on thyroid medication for over twenty years. The thyroid is the largest organ associated directly with the throat. The women in my extended family have struggled with thyroid issues for generations. My genetics for this particular organ are probably not ideal.

Why Choose Chanting?
Chanting is a fantastic tool for creating a healthy, balanced thyroid because the vibrations of singing pass directly through the thyroid gland. According to esoteric teachings, the throat is the seat of power, a place where emotions, intentions, praise, and criticism are all expressed.

Energetically speaking, the throat is a place of both vulnerability and strength. This can be heard in many of our idiomatic expressions. To attack someone else with lethal intent is to “go for the throat.” To put forth great effort is to “grab something by the throat.”

The Science of Mantras
There are specific sounds that are precisely connected to the chakra or energy center associated with the throat. One of these is the syllable “ham” (pronounced “hum”) found in the mantra “Om Ham Namaha” loosely translated as “I bow in honor of the power of God seated in my throat.”

I also sang chants in English using healing affirmations related to reclaiming my personal power. One of my chanted affirmations went like this: “I feel power flow every day through me! Power for healing and power for feeling!”

Throat Chakra Associated with ThyroidSometimes I just chanted vocal exercises using syllables like “la” or “ma” just to keep the energy moving in my throat. Other times I sang the word “no” with a focus on directing the energy into my surroundings to practice setting healthy boundaries for myself.

Life Changes to Support Healing
In addition to chanting, I made practical changes in my life. For example, instead of having all of my income absorbed by the needs of my family, I established my own checking and savings accounts. I began to contribute a set amount to the household budget. This was a great way to feel more power in relationship to money.

Another key to maintaining a healthy thyroid is the ability to speak up for yourself. This is particularly challenging for women. Much of what I had to say was first expressed in a journal and then burned. I also had conversations out loud to say what I wished I would have said in past situations and relationships. Other helpful tools were exercise and essential oils.

Thyroid Gland IllustrationSymptom Free At Last
The entire process took about a year. I was in touch with my health practitioner and had a couple of blood tests along the way. Based on my last blood test, I no longer need medication. Most importantly, I do not have the symptoms of low thyroid that used to plague me.

Gone are the days of dry, cracked and bleeding hands. Gone are the days of having cold feet and hands. Gone are the days of being exhausted only hours after awakening. Gone is the sense of being overwhelmed by life.

Healing my thyroid took conscious effort on many levels. The practice of chanting was a crucial component in finally alleviating this condition. My absolute love of chanting and singing was a key motivator in my determination to heal my body and my life. Now I am grateful to continue to explore and share the science of mantras with others.

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