One Lift at a Time

Six months down! My son Chrissy and I are finishing a half a year of weight training this weekend! I’ve read that the fastest gains are in the first six months so it may be slower going from here on out. For example, the first time I did squats, I could only use the bar–which weighs 45 lbs all by itself–no additional weights at all. Now we add 50 lbs so it’s 95 lbs total. It doesn’t look like much and the point is not to brag (though there is some of that, I’m human) but if I can do this, anybody can!

There are amazing athletes and yogis demonstrating superhuman feats of endurance and agility. What if we are not limited by our physical bodies at all? What if we can reach a state of boundless health and transcendent spirituality at the same time? How much of the challenge is emotional and psychological and what are the roles of diet, exercise and practice? Sports and play can be an incredible, joyous avenue for self-mastery and liberation! It’s a grand experiment called life.


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