Face Yoga Challenge


Fumiko Takatsu, Face Yoga Method Founder

I’ve just signed up for a 30 Day Face Yoga challenge with Fumiko Takatsu. I rarely sign up for that kind of stuff because I was a hardcore loner for a long, long time. And I’m usually motivated to create my own programs and schedules for everything: my work and exercise and my ongoing experiments with health food diets and meditation and all of the other things I am trying to pursue simultaneously. So I haven’t always felt that I needed someone else’s program or challenge to get me going.

But something has changed. I’ve heard that you are either basically and introvert or an extrovert for life. I was clearly an introvert. Then I became an extroverted introvert, which means that you recharge by being alone but you can be very outgoing when necessary or appropriate. Now I am clearly an extrovert: I recharge by being with people and exchanging ideas and feelings and sharing experiences. 

So even though I’ve already done an online certification course with Fumiko, I decided it would be worth it to connect with other people using Face Yoga and learn more that I can share with others eventually. Fumiko is a super enthusiastic coach and teacher. I get a kick out of watching her videos. I think it’d be fun to connect with other people attracted to her approach and her energetic style as well.

I took a group voice class once with a professional singer who said that singing is the best form of face exercise. I hope she’s right since I often practice chanting for my World Chant events and upcoming workshops an hour or two a day! I’m not sure that I am coordinated enough to sing and do face yoga at the same time, but maybe it will evolve into that and I’ll create a musical form of face yoga!

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