Sports and the Superhuman

There are athletes all over the world demonstrating superhuman feats of endurance and agility in many different sports. There is a growing recognition that there are multiple components necessary for success: psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Some athletes have had transcendent spiritual experiences while pushing themselves to their physical limits.

Sports can be a path of self-mastery on all of these levels. In particular there are traditions in the martial arts and in endurance sports that give the practitioner the means to reach both the highest levels of physical culture and spiritual attainment. The ancient Taoists viewed the human body as a vehicle for spiritual transformation achieved through mastery of the flow of chi through the human form.

There have been forerunners for decades in the fields of metaphysics and body-mind psychology insisting that we recognize the importance of attitudes and beliefs in health and wellness. These include Dr. John Sarno, Steven Ray Ozanich, Louise Hay, Deb Shapiro, Joe Dispenza, Inna Sega, Bernie Segal, and more. The power of music and art in healing has also been explored by psychologists and medical doctors alike.

Some of these pioneers have mapped out correlations between personality patterns and health conditions, allowing you to read your own thoughts as out pictured in your body in a clear and unmistakable way. We are all part of an energetic ecosystem. I believe that our bodies are designed to last in health and vibrancy for a long, long time–possibly for centuries of creative, joyful living. That is my goal!

The understanding of chi is now being applied in running, walking, tennis, golf and other sports to help athletes avoid injury and reach their full potential. This is an extremely valuable endeavor not only for self-actualization, but also for gaining the understanding that on the inner and the outer.


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