Formula Four

Formula Four™ fitness is an approach to sports and wellness that takes all four fundamental levels of human life into account: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. There are athletes demonstrating superhuman feats of endurance and agility in many different fields. Some of these have recognized the multiple components necessary for success. And some have had transcendent experiences while pushing themselves to their physical limits.

taoSports can be a path of self-mastery on all of these levels. In particular there have been spiritual traditions in the martial arts and in endurance sports that give the practitioner additional inspiration and a means to reach the highest levels of physical culture and spiritual attainment.

For example, the ancient Taoists used the human body as a vehicle for spiritual transformation and mastery of the flow of chi through the human form. The understanding of chi is now being applied in running, walking, tennis, golf and other sports to help athletes avoid injury and reach their full potential.

This is an extremely valuable endeavor not only for self-actualization, but also for gaining the understanding that we are all part of an energetic ecosystem on the inner and the outer.

Fitness-Beartooth-July 2017Formula Four fitness is an approach that I am currently developing and exploring in conjunction with some help and input my sons (ages 12, 15, 17 and 21)–all of whom have pursued self-mastery through a variety of disciplines including freestyle skiing, body building, basketball, and running.

They are also studying and experimenting with diet and nutrition. For myself, I am walking, hiking, running, playing tennis, and doing strength training. I exercise in some form one to two hours most days.

I started about four years ago with walking a single mile in my neighborhood. In the course of these last few years, my resting heart rate has dropped from 72 beats/minute to 52 beats/minute.

I also no longer need the thyroid medication I took for over of twenty years. I believe this is a combination of the physical activity with a concentrated focus on understanding and healing my own psychology and emotions. See Body Script.

I am grateful to say that I am in better health now than ever before in my life! I am excited to keep improving and would like to share my experiences with others through further developing Formula Four fitness. I am looking forward to decades of activity and further testing my limits in the future!