Body Script

anatomyBody Script™ was developed from decades of studying the amazing work of others in the field of body-mind psychology and my own personal experimentation. One night I had a sudden and deep experience of knowing that my physical body was indeed reflecting my accumulated thoughts and experiences.

In that instant I knew that every bone and muscle and every fiber of my being was a living, breathing guidebook not only “embodying” my own history but also revealing the fundamental principles of both spirituality and health.

This revelation showed me that everything I needed to know to transform my health and my life was literally written in every cell, every organ, and every limb of my own body. All I had to do was read the pulsating messages written in blood and sweat and flesh.

hip meaningThe script of my life–past, present, and the trajectory for my future–could be read in my physical form. The symbolic messages of the body would always lead to greater harmony and wholeness. The ongoing challenge was not to deny the symptoms or attempt to suppress the language of pain.

In particular I am fascinated by how the “meaning” of our bodies works itself into our language: putting your best foot forward, taking it on the chin, head and shoulders above the rest, and so forth. The Body Script concept was created as unique perspective on the body-mind connection that is highly accessible because it also connects to our everyday language.

Reading the body gives us clues to our own personality patterns. Changes in these patterns are reflected in changes in the physical body. Body Script is an art and science art based on the feedback system of the body which can be utilized for ongoing personal growth and wholeness.

In my own life, I had struggled for years with a number of health issues including ongoing pain in my legs from a sports-related surgery I had had as a teenager. After reading the works of Dr. John Sarno (The Divided Mind) and Steven Ray Ozanich (The Great Pain Deception), I began to work with the problem of scar tissue in my legs that had prevented me from exercising for decades. I talk about my own experience in the video below: Healing a Chronic Injury.