There are many components to achieving boundless health. I have personally focused on health psychology (the body-mind connection), the spiritual aspects of the body, and various forms of exercising. 

anatomyBody Script™ was developed from decades of studying the amazing work of others in the field of body-mind psychology and my own personal experimentation. One night I had a sudden and deep experience of knowing that my physical body was indeed reflecting my accumulated thoughts and experiences.

In that instant I knew that every bone and muscle and every fiber of my being was a living, breathing guidebook not only “embodying” my own history but also revealing the fundamental principles of both spirituality and health. See Body Script.

KathleenKarlsenBLOGThere are many resources to help you to achieve a strong, fit body. There are less resources available for a strong, fit face. After I’d spent two decades raising a large family and running a business, I was shocked by how old and tired and worn out I looked.

I got the idea that exercise could benefit the face. Exercise seemed to be a virtual fountain of youth for the body and the face should be no exception. After all, we have the same muscles and skin on our faces as we have everywhere else! See Face Exercises.

Crop-Kathleen (Standing)Formula Four™ fitness is an approach to sports and wellness that takes all four fundamental levels of human life into account: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. There are athletes demonstrating superhuman feats of endurance and agility in many different fields.

Some of these have recognized the multiple components necessary for success. And some have had transcendent experiences while pushing themselves to their physical limits. See Formula Four.