FLOWER SYMBOLS: The Language of Love
by Kathleen Karlsen

This book includes fascinating information about the symbolism and folklore of the world’s most beloved flowers, with illustrations of selected flowers, famous quotes about flowers, selected poetry featuring flowers and information about traditional uses of flowers for healing. A perfect gift for every flower lover in your life!

flowersymbolsFlower Symbols: The Language Of Love
Discover the Meaning of Flowers
in Folklore, Religion and Popular Culture

$12.95, 112 pages

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“Lilies in the Sun and Wind” cover art by Kathleen Karlsen. The calla lily represents the ascension to heaven in Christian iconography. This painting was created in honor of a dear friend when she moved on to other realms after a long life of joy and service to others.


Flowers accompany us in nearly every major event in life: birth, graduation, marriage, holidays, illness and death.  In addition, flower images adorn practically everything around us: hair, clothing, jewelry, china, stationary, wallpaper, furniture, artwork and more. Understanding the folklore, meanings, facts, stories and legends about the amazing world of flowers adds a fascinating new dimension to nearly every aspect of life.

Flower symbolism has been a significant part of virtually every culture around the world since antiquity. Flower symbolism reached the highest level of development in the Victorian era. Due to the strict protocol of the times, emotions, wishes and thoughts were not openly expressed between men and women. Instead, an elaborate language of love based on flower symbolism was born.

This book was created from materials gathered over the course of over ten years of personal study. The information in this book is ideal for designers, educators, decorators, artists and anyone with an interest in nature, symbols and psychology.


This compendium, for me, is a work of delicate genius. Flower Symbols echoes Shakespeare’s eloquent appreciation of the links between the visual qualities of flowers and the better, even divine, qualities of people.”
Steven Webb, Author of Siam – A Voyage

“This little book reveals special meanings that different flowers have for humanity, and it has inspired in me a deeper appreciation for the unique blossoms of nature. While it seems we give flowers for gifts and to show we care all the time, this books gives further explanation as to what we might be communicating and sharing with others when we relate with flowers in art or on the doorstep. I enjoy revisiting this book when I am spending time with flowers in the garden or in the meadow.”
Alethea Lambert, Home Educator

“This book shares detailed information with a joyous heart. Well researched and hard to find information included in each chapter. Flower Symbols is a great book to give as a gift.”
Maria Low, Aromatherapist

“Flower Symbols is a precious and enlightening book….The day I read the book, I immediately used it to craft a birthday bouquet that communicated Hope, Playfulness, and Magic. What fun. As icing on the cake, Karlsen also provides an overview of essential oils and healing uses of flowers.
A. Bjorkland, Freelance Writer