Plant Symbolism


Plant symbolism is a facet of nearly every ancient civilization. For example, the lotus, a symbol of irrepressible fertility, is revered in both Egyptian and Oriental cultures. The onion was not only a favorite food and medicinal plant of the Egyptians, but also out pictured their belief in the universe’s multi-layered structure. The remarkable Egyptian pharmacy included some of today’s most renowned herbs: myrrh, aloe, peppermint, garlic and castor oil. In the mythology of the ancient Greeks, the twelve primary gods each had favorite plants. These plants, living connections to the realms above, were used as symbols of the gods … Continue reading

Mental Science and New Religions

The principles of New Thought spirituality are based on spiritual laws or mental science. According to these laws, the power of the universe yields itself to those who know how to apply right thought and are convinced strongly enough of the expected results. Jesus himself, many metaphysical believers claim, accomplished His miracles through the application of mental science. In contrast with the mental science of New Thought spirituality, other new religious movements such as the Theosophical Society and the I AM Movement, both founded in the latter part of the nineteenth century and the first half of this century have … Continue reading

Spirituality and Biological Limitations

I recently watched a short video of an interview with Jason Silva, the host of National Geographic’s show Brain Games. In a discussion of merging mind and technology, Jason stated: “[W]hen we create a non-biological mind, a digital sentience, the whole point is that this mind wouldn’t be bound by the physical limitations that we have.” I disagree so strongly with this statement that I just have to offer another perspective. I don’t believe in physical limitations. I may still have them myself, but the fact that other individuals have been known to live without food, water or even breath for … Continue reading

Pineal Gland Protection

pineal gland

The connection between the pineal gland and altered states of consciousness has been well-established in the traditions of yoga and meditation, but little scientific investigation has focused on this tiny gland. Long considered the “third eye” by mystics, the pineal gland has often been considered a useless, vestigial organ. Yet the “eye of God” features prominently in many mystical traditions and has occasionally been a focus of study in modern times, usually to determine a possible role in mental illness and psychotic states. One researcher, Rick Strassman, MD, spent five years conducting experiments with DMT, an endogenous or naturally occur substance … Continue reading

Bodhisattva Vow


To my way of thinking, all challenges ultimately are spiritual challenges. In the east there is a vow–the Bodhisattva vow–for those who aspire to conquer all. Part of the Bodhisattva vow reads: “My imperfections are inexhaustible. I vow to overcome them all.” Some people find such an aspiration to be depressing. I find it liberating. If it takes a million years, who cares? Lesser goals are not worth pursuing. If such lofty goals mean that we fall short for the foreseeable future, this is no matter for concern. To vow to overcome all is to get back up and try … Continue reading