I created the term Colorscapes to describe my abstract artwork inspired by landscapes, oceanscapes, the elements of nature, the microscopic world, and the deep reaches of space as discovered by the Hubble telescope. This artwork consist of multiple layers of acrylic washes with paint of varying viscosity to control the blending and segregation of the colors. These paintings help to extend my artistic vision on both ends of the visible spectrum to include natural phenomenon that would normally remain unseen by the unaided human eye.

Universal Gift

Universal Gift by Kathleen Karlsen

My work emphasizes images that are just a step beyond the physical. I am seeking to create art that is connected to the world around us, and even to the universe at large, but also transcends what is actually seen into unseen realms. I want everything in my art to be vibrantly alive.


Universal Fire by Kathleen Karlsen

For me, the impact of art is really the energy or feelings embodied in particular visual images. I view my work as continuing and expanding the tradition of the American Color Field painters. Color Field painting is characterized by openness of design and the central role of color. The impact of colors placed next to each other found in Impressionism is fully explored in the variations of colors in Color Field painting.


Beyond the Stars by Kathleen Karlsen

I see art and beauty as having a major impact on human life. I believe that art has tremendous practical as well as aesthetic value. Research shows that art can help heal hospital patients, increase learning rates in classrooms and improve productivity in work places. For me, art enriches the entire process of living. 


Mediterranean Sun by Kathleen Karlsen


Mediterranean Clouds by Kathleen Karlsen