Universal-FireMusic and Sound: The creative arts connect us to the divine and have a deep spiritual power for healing. The act of creating art in any form is akin prayer and meditation as a means to form a connection to God. My current emphasis in music is devotional songs and chants, especially the science of toning and healing with the voice. I find that the real impact of both art and music is the energy or feelings embodied in particular images or tones. See World Chant.

Fine Art and Design: My artwork emphasizes images that are connected to the world around us, and even to the universe at large, but also transcend what is actually seen into unseen realms. My artwork consist of multiple layers of thin paint and continues the tradition of the American Color Field painters, characterized by openness of design and the central role of color. My artwork focuses on the joy of life and growth. See Art Gallery.

Career: I have been working as a professional writer and voice talent for educational videos for almost twenty years. My experience has been primarily in the fields of natural health, alternative education, and software training. I am the owner of Living Arts Enterprises, LLC. 

Over the years I have also taught art and music in studio and classroom settings part-time and have had over seventy exhibits of my artwork since 2001. I have studied symbolism extensively and published a book (Flower Symbols: The Language of Love) and nearly two hundred articles on symbolism as well as a wide variety of other subjects.

I have also created over fifty educational presentations for small teams and the public. I am now focused on developing workshops, products, and educational materials related to sacred toning, chanting, color therapy, and inspirational art. The theme of my life and work continues to be an exploration of personal and societal transformation through the arts.

2016familyFamily and Education: I have been residing in Montana for over twenty-five years with my husband Andrew and our five children. I love the mountains surrounding Bozeman and generally prefer small towns and access to nature to living in a city. I have a bachelor’s degree in studio art (College of William and Mary), a master’s degree in humanities (California State University) and a year of post-graduate training in adult and higher education (Montana State University).