KathleenKarlsenBLOGAs a kid, my central interests were healing and the supernatural. I wanted to know about anything that was extraordinary or beyond the day-to-day process of living. I suppose I was already looking for a broader spiritual approach to life, but the closest thing I could find in my school library were books of ghost stories and science fiction. I read them all until I became frightened enough to stop!

As a teenager I turned to alternative health and new age pursuits in earnest. I began to attend conferences and lectures on everything from Atlantis to Native American prophecies to the Egyptian pyramids and color therapy. I attended several universities after high school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in studio art (College of William and Mary), a master’s degree in humanities (California State University), and completed a year of doctoral studies in education (Montana State University).  

Along the way I spent over a decade in intentional communities, eventually meeting my husband Andrew, settling in Bozeman, Montana and having my five beautiful children. I love to chant, hike in the mountains, work out with my youngest son, and spend time with family and friends. I am so fortunate to live in a safe and clean environment here in Big Sky country. The mountains around Bozeman are beautiful! I want to share this place and my passion for music and art and health and life with as many people as possible.


I am the owner of Living Arts Enterprises, LLC, a company dedicated to creating educational materials and transformative experiences in the fields of consciousness and the creative arts. I am the author of almost two hundred articles and published my first book (Flower Symbols: The Language of Love) in 2010. In the last decade I’ve created nearly a hundred educational presentations and workshops. I look forward to meeting you and exploring the extraordinary possibilities of life together soon!