KathleenKarlsenBLOGKathleen Karlsen’s central interests have always been the arts, healing and spirituality. As a teenager she pursued alternative health and new age pursuits in earnest. She began to attend conferences and lectures on everything from Atlantis to Native American prophecies to the Egyptian pyramids to color and music therapies. 

Kathleen attended several universities after high school and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in studio art (College of William and Mary), a master’s degree in humanities with a thesis on the scientific and aesthetic connections between color and sound (California State University), and completed a year of doctoral studies in adult and higher education (Montana State University).  

She spent over a decade living in intentional communities (Quaker, Sufi, and New Age), eventually meeting her husband Andrew, settling in Bozeman, Montana and having a family of five children. Kathleen loves to chant, hike in the mountains, work out with her youngest son, and spend time with family and friends. She feels fortunate to live in a safe and clean environment in Montana, surrounded by beautiful mountains! 

Kathleen is the owner of Living Arts Enterprises, LLC, a company dedicated to creating educational materials and transformative experiences in the fields of consciousness and the creative arts. She is the leader and founder of Shakti Bliss Kirtan, a band devoted to chanting and sacred music. She is the author of almost two hundred articles and the book Flower Symbols: The Language of Love. In the last decade she has had over seventy art exhibits and created nearly a hundred educational presentations and workshops.