kathleenkarlsenMy passion is to understand the process of self-transcendence, which I believe is the basis for the uplifting of all of society. This site is the result of a lifelong exploration of consciousness, creativity, spirituality, body-mind interactions, supernormal abilities and other extraordinary phenomena. I am particularly interested in practical applications of this research in human health, wellness, and longevity.

I have been looking for extraordinary things, people, places, and experiences ever since I can remember. My goal is to discover, develop and promote solutions that create greater harmony, prosperity and vitality for individuals and humanity as a whole. The process of transformation through conscious change is the theme that pulls together my diverse interests and expertise. More info at About.

New Artwork

The firebird is at the heart of many fairy tales and legends. In one legend, a young girl is reputed to create the most beautiful embroidery imaginable. An evil sorcerer comes to visit her after transforming himself into an attractive young man. He claims that he will make her a queen if she will come with him, but she refuses to leave her beloved village. Enraged, he transforms himself into a black falcon and her into a colorful firebird. he picks her up in his talons and flies away, but she dies, allowing her feathers to fall to the village below. The magical feathers glow in gorgeous colors, showing themselves only to those who love beauty and create beauty.

I think of the firebird as closely related to angels, dragons and phoenixes. It is symbolic of resurrection through self-transformation and the creation of exquisite beauty through overcoming hardship and tragedy. The firebird flies upward, going heavenward in spite of all obstacles. In addition, the firebird is lit from within, casting darkness aside and trailing glory for all to see. The firebird is able to heal the sick and blind by it’s chants. For me, this is the core of all art and music: to uplift and heal the viewer or the listener. That is the goal and the aim of my art and my life. See full post on The Firebird.


Recent Posts

The Art of Seduction

When I was teenager, my mother told me that the art of seduction consisted more of learning to ask questions than anything else. I had no clue what she was talking about. Now I get it. What she meant was that asking questions is a way of drawing another person out. It is a way of trying to establish the similarities in background, beliefs, feelings, interests and so forth that make the other person feel that you are alike and compatible or even deeply connected. What starts with understanding the practical facts of another person’s life can end with knowing their innermost feelings and secrets….

politicianBesides the romantic implications, the art of seduction is practiced liberally by politicians. It’s no wonder that they also tend to be sexual philanderers. The basic message is always, “We are alike. I am one of you. I know your needs and your thoughts and your feelings. I know your dreams and aspirations. I can help you. I am here for your sake.”

I saw a documentary on body language that described how politicians are taught to point into a crowd and suddenly light up as though they have recognized someone they know. They do not know anyone in the crowd! Now everyone is turning their heads to see who it is that actually knows the politician. The effect is to fan the desire in everyone to have that kind of intimacy with the person on the podium.

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 Transforming Chronic Pain

stevenrayozanichThere are many books and individuals who have greatly influenced my life. One of the more recent influences is the book The Great Pain Deception by Steven Ray Ozanich. Steven healed himself of decades of debilitating pain by recognizing that anger and rage are at the core of many of our physical conditions. I had personally been suffering from pain along the sides of both of my shins for almost thirty-five years. I had had surgery for a sports injury as a young teenager. The surgery was a disaster. Due to the resulting scar tissue, I could no longer run, play tennis, hike or do any other sports without days of pain afterwards. I love to be active and was a competitive athlete and this was a great tragedy for me.

Based on Steven’s book and The Divided Mind by Dr. John E. Sarno, I came to understand that any condition in the body lasting more than about six weeks in duration is being held in place by emotional and psychological patterns. Dr. Sarno is a surgeon specializing in back problems. He said that the thigh bone is the largest bone in the body and should heal in about six weeks. Everything else should heal in that time period or less. I decided to test his theory.

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