goddess chantsUpcoming event: Summer solstice kirtan celebration! Sing to the Divine Mother and goddesses of east and west. Learn about Vocal Medicine™ and how to use chants to heal your heart and spirit. Cost: $10.

Traditional chants, original chants and new chants learned at my recent training at the Kirtan Leadership Institute in Boulder, CO. See full Events schedule.

7:00-8:00pm, June 19, 2017 
Renew Yoga Studio, 438 E Mendenhall St
Bozeman, Montana 

kirtan chantingMusic and Sound Healing: The power of music to uplift and heal has been recognized for thousands of years. Now science is proving through research into music therapy, cymatics, and neurology that sound can alleviate depression and create positive change in all aspects of the physical world.

My focus is on the use of the human voice in devotional chanting as a spiritual practice and the impact of sacred toning on human health and wellness. See World Chant for more information. 

The Firebird, Legend of Transformation, Kathleen KarlsenArtwork: The Firebird (10 x 30″) is one of my recent works. The firebird at the heart of many fairy tales and legends. In one legend, an evil sorcerer comes to visit a young girl after transforming himself into an attractive young man. He claims that he will make her a queen if she will come with him, but she refuses to leave her beloved village.

Enraged, he transforms himself into a black falcon and her into a colorful firebird. He picks her up in his talons and flies away, but she dies, allowing her feathers to fall to the village below. The magical feathers glow in gorgeous colors, showing themselves only to those who love beauty and create beauty.

I think of the firebird as closely related to an angel, dragon or phoenix. It is symbolic of self-resurrection. The firebird is lit from within, casting darkness aside and trailing glory for all to see. The firebird heals the sick through its songs. See full post.

Kathleen Karlsen - Transformation through the ArtsVision: My passion is to understand the process of transformation through the arts, and the role of self-transcendence as the basis for uplifting society. This desire has resulted in a lifelong exploration of creativity, spirituality, body-mind interactions, and consciousness.

I have experimented extensively with visualization, chanting, prayer, color therapy, sound healing, meditation, biofeedback, journaling and other tools aimed at greater personal freedom and mastery. My focus in my own journey and my service to others is on creating transformative experiences through inspirational art, sound healing, color therapy and sacred toning. See more on the About page.