Celebrating Life through the Arts!

I believe that we are meant to live in and create in a world of expanding joy and freedom. The uplifting and transformative powers of the mind and the creative power of the arts are infinite. My passion is to use my voice, my artwork, my writing, and my life experiences to bring comfort, inspiration and hope to the lives of others. More on the About page.

Connecting through Music, Writing and Art

The avenues that I use to connect with others are music; the visual arts; and teaching, writing and speaking. The music that I compose, the books that I write, and the art that I create is intended to revitalize and energize. Please explore my website and offerings and see if there is something that resonates with you. I’d love to hear from you, learn from you, and contribute to your life. Thank you for visiting!



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Illustrations from the book Vocal Medicine.


chakras, deities, yantra illustrations



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This book brings together a personal journey through mantras, chanting and kirtan, and years of research into the power of sacred art and sacred music. Topics include the building blocks of sound; bija seed syllables; mantras and the chakras; and the transformative power of sound, color and the arts.

15th Annual Peace Festival
September 8, 10am-6pm, FREE

Kathleen Karlsen and the Shakti Bliss Kirtan Band have been invited to participate in the 15th Annual Peace Festival at the Garden of a Thousand Buddhas! We will play a few chants in between lectures, meditations and presentations. Schedule of musicians, performers and speakers to be released soon. More info about Shakti Bliss at shaktiblisskirtan.com. More info on this event: Ewam Garden of One Thousand Buddhas.