KathleenKarlsenBLOGI believe that we are meant to live in joy, freedom and abundance. All things can be healed: bodies, relationships, finances, isolation, anxiety, depression and more. The transformative power of the mind and the creative power of the arts are infinite.

The avenues that I use to connect with others are writing, teaching, speaking, fine art and sacred music. My passion is to use my voice, my experiences, and my creativity to bring comfort to others and inspire them to consider using the tools and approaches that have worked for me in their own lives.

I am the owner of Living Arts Enterprises, a company dedicated to creating educational materials and transformative experiences in the fields of consciousness and the creative arts. Thank you for visiting and I look forward to meeting you soon!



VOCAL MEDICINE: Transformation Through Sound

An Introduction to Mantras, Chanting and Kirtan

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This book brings together a personal journey through mantras, chanting and kirtan, and years of research into the power of sacred art and sacred music. Topics include the building blocks of sound; bija seed syllables; mantras and the chakras; and the transformative power of sound, color and the arts.