Music: Just got a few basic samples of chants up on SoundCloud. These are mantras and bhajans for kirtan events–just me with the harmonium! Also just posted a video montage that Marius Michael-George (tabla player) put together from World Chant kirtan events at the local Renew Yoga studio. See video on the World Chant page.


Substrate 24x36 Kathleen Marie Karlsen 2017 THUMBArtwork: I have recently launched a new Facebook page for Kathleen Karlsen art that includes over a hundred images of my work going all the way back to a watercolor illustration of a hand (mine!) from my college portfolio. It was great fun to put everything in albums by style and topic.

There are seventeen albums right now with anything from a handful to a dozen images with a common theme: Galaxies, Dreamscapes, Wind Element, Water Element, Florals, Starscapes, Oceanscapes, etc. See Facebook art albums at Kathleen Karlsen Art.

Beartooth-TOP-KathleenVision: My passion is to understand the process of transformation through the arts, and the role of self-transcendence as the basis for uplifting society. This desire has resulted in a lifelong exploration of creativity, spirituality, body-mind interactions, and consciousness.

I have experimented extensively with visualization, chanting, prayer, color therapy, sound healing, meditation, biofeedback, journaling and other tools aimed at greater personal freedom and mastery. 

My focus in my own journey and my service to others is on creating transformative experiences through inspirational art, sound healing, color therapy and sacred toning. See more on the About page.I am also dedicated to the idea that we are not limited by our bodies or physical health but that we can reach a boundless state while still in a physical form. See Boundless Health.


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