Shakti Bliss Kirtan is just back from the 15th Annual Peace Festival at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee, Montana. The program included speakers and musicians from multiple cultures as well as the consecration of the new Peace Pavilion. Shakti Bliss Kirtan was very happy to be included in this celebration!

Although the prediction was 100% chance of rain, the skies held back until the entire day was done! Great to meet people from all over Montana and Idaho and places as far away as Arkansas who gathered for a parade, great food, arts and crafts, music and prayer. Read full blog post here….

kirtan music bandBLOG POST: Getting Ready to Record

What is kirtan? Kirtan is a style of music focused on participatory chanting. Chanting produces a calorie-free, drug-free, full body buzz!

Group singing changes the chemistry of the brain and dissipates feelings of isolation and depression. This is not operatic stuff—if you can talk, you can chant. Chanting is a form of meditation, a type of mantra yoga. No postures required.

We are the Shakti Bliss kirtan band: Kathleen Karlsen (vocals, harmonium), Marius Michael-George (tabla, percussion), Andrew Karlsen (vocals, udu drum), Paul Bohak (vocal, bass, guitar) and Mahima Giri (vocals, kartals). Check out our upcoming album or come chant with us!

Full blog post and music sample here….

Vocal Medicine Book by Kathleen KarlsenNEW BOOK! VOCAL MEDICINE: Transformation Through Sound

Vocal Medicine brings together a personal journey through mantras, chanting and kirtan, and years of research into the power of sacred art and sacred music. Topics include the building blocks of sound; bija seed syllables; mantras and the chakras; and the transformative power of sound, color and the arts. Features musical notation and descriptions of over two dozen mantras and chants for transforming the body and mind. Extensive illustrations by Rose Karlsen. $15.95, 186 pages.

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RECENT BLOG POST: Creating on the Edge

The process of creation makes me feel ALIVE! Feeling totally alive is one of my top values. There is nothing as amazing as the process of creation–a child, a home, a business, a relationship or a piece of art.

I love to work in a flowing style with highly liquid paint because this increases the number of variables and therefore the level of excitement and creative chaos in my experiments. On the other hand, I also love the challenge of working with super thick paint and a palette knife. I guess I love the extremes!

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Colorful Prints of Hindu Gods and Goddesses!

Illustrations from Vocal Medicine Now Available
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